Noise cancelling, in-ear headphones

  exdragon 16:03 22 Jun 05

I've been looking through the threads on headphones, but can't find any which fit the bill as above - does anyone know if any in-ear ones get rid of external noise?

Problem is, I only want them for a long haul flight to New Zealand, so don't want to pay Bose's prices! Neither do I really want the huge over the ear ones, I don't find them comfortable.

  wjrt 16:12 22 Jun 05

selection here but do a price search on any you fancy as these prices seem high

click here

  Curio 18:45 22 Jun 05

click here not exactly cheap, but meet your requirements

  octal 19:13 22 Jun 05

I think what you are looking for are electronic noise cancelling headphones, this is the Bose article on the principle

click here

I don't know how much the Bose ones are, but Sennheiser make them as well, I'm not sure if they are any cheaper

click here

By the way, I have never seen 'in ear' type. I think they would be pretty difficult to achieve this desired cancellation because they are very leaky, in other words the noise can get in easily from the outside.

  Chris the Ancient 20:27 22 Jun 05

There was an article in The Times last Saturday, and a company is well on the way in designing an in-ear 'bud' which will do the job. The idea is that you point a remote controller at the noise source (kids, dogs, wife or whatever) press a mute button and it feeds the noise source back to the in-ear buds phase reversed to cancel out the unwanted noise.

But it only still in the development phase and I dread to think what they will cost!

It doesn't really answer the original question; but the technology is coming.

And no doubt, when FE catches this thread he will tell you just what a good investment his Bose ones are!

  exdragon 23:52 22 Jun 05

Thanks one and all. There are certainly some worth looking at. I did check the Bose ones and thought £79 odd was a bit too much when I was probably only going to use them one the flight, then discovered that this was only one of four installments...

I'm not sure if these are exactly what you're after but they certainly leave your wallet feeling better afterwards: click here


  wjrt 16:15 26 Jun 05

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