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hi all,im usin NoF8 to build a new site, ive got my master borders sorted with a nice image slapped in the centre of each page with a nice java fade transition, my question is - how do i put txt, tables and other images on top of my main image on each page, not published yet
its doing my head in, get little red/white exclaimation mark. any advice taken on board 11:27 04 Jun 06

the other content to go on top of the image, then you must use the image as a background.

If you just want a caption, use the text on image tab in the properties pallette which appears when the image is selected. The tab is about five from the left, with an 'A' on it.

how do i select the image a spart of the background?

havig slight prop with nav buttons shiting a couple of mm so i dont want to lock the backgrounds for now but will once i have the lay out sorted, i guess its a kind of flatten process youd use in photoshop - am i right

shifting is only on home page, all other pages are fairly well on top of each other - if i adjust master border props will it alter all pages? - so how do i move the whole homepage to the left about 3mm - then how do i incorporate the main image as part of the background on all pages??? - thanks barry for the

  mco 12:27 04 Jun 06

click on 'layout properties' then click on the middle box (which will say 'background' then where it says 'image' click to browse to whichever pic you want as your background. Now, if you just want a pic in the centre with space all around, I can only suggest that you edit it in a photoediting program such that you end up with a jpg of your pic with space around - to use as the whole background. Then you won't have trouble with the red exclamation marks.

excellent, i now have the image in the back ground so im able to put stuff on top - new prob - do i need to scale the bg image before i browse for it or can i adjust this in NoF8, as its gone huge ??

  mco 13:15 04 Jun 06

I'd get it right in an editing program before loading into nof problem- what size and res would you use- also jpeg or gif. ?????? cheers mco by the way

  mco 14:02 04 Jun 06

on what you want to do with this image.Are you planning on having the whole page with your background image on it? In which case it needs to be the size of your page - no wider than 750 I'd say, for those with 800x600 screens - and I'd use jpg if it's a photo- but I'm no expert. Why not just experiment and see how it looks in preview? You can always take it out if it's not right

  ade.h 15:03 04 Jun 06

Just for ref: if you want to overlap objects, you'll need to select Fixed Page Layout in Tools > Options > Current Site. This allows the use of layers and objects can then be overlapped, brought forward, etc.

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