NOF 10 or Webplus X14

  Proclaimer 18:36 18 Dec 10

Thinking about trying a new Web Design Program and only two on the short list NOF 10 or Webplus X14? Not the NOF Essentials.

  IClaudio 18:31 23 Dec 10

I have used both for many years, and would point you to WebPlus X4. NOF seems to be largely unsupported now, and seems rather unstable to me. The Serif Forums are very busy and offer great support, and the program is, in my opinion, much better.

  Bebee 12:48 28 Dec 10

I am using NOF 11 and it works fine, but I wouldn't buy it now for the reason IClaudio gives - nothing seems to be happening with the program.

WebPlus X4 looks like a good option.

  Forum Editor 13:39 28 Dec 10

I agree, I've just finished evaluating the software for someone, and I must say I'm quite impressed.

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