Nod32 ?

  denali 15:24 06 Sep 07

My daughter has just purchased a new laptop. On trying to install AVG I was asked to remove other anti-virus first. On checking I found Nod32 installed. I must confess I have never heard of this and have always gone with the freebies recommended by the Forum. Should I uninstall this or keep it on. She has it for one year.

Many thanks

  ventanas 15:27 06 Sep 07

Keep it, there is none better. Surprised to find it on a new machine thought, I wasn't aware that eset did that.

  brundle 15:29 06 Sep 07

I second that, excellent product. Wish more new machines came with that than Norton...

  rawprawn 15:47 06 Sep 07

I swear by NOD32

  frenchman96 16:03 06 Sep 07

I agree to all replies, I have been told it is THE BEST AVAILABLE AV

  denali 16:41 06 Sep 07

Thank you all for your help. I guess I'll leave it.

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