No.4 instead of ticks in MS Word

  eccomputers 12:43 16 Apr 03

I have just installed Office 2002 pro and received a document via email. It has a table which has 'X's and what should be ticks in cells but the ticks are showing as '4'.
Do I have a font missing? or is there a simple setting to change somewhere?

Best regards

  Morphy 13:00 16 Apr 03

Quite possibly, this happened to me a couple of weeks ago, and once I had installed the correct font, the doc was fine

Probably it would be easiest to ask the person who sent you the document what font it is in, then download it

  eccomputers 13:08 16 Apr 03

do you know which font you installed?

  graham√ 13:28 16 Apr 03

Can you see the tick after my name?

  eccomputers 14:01 16 Apr 03

yes I can

  graham√ 14:30 16 Apr 03

That's a character in American Uncial font. I haven't found a font with a tick, let us know if you find one.

  VoG™ 14:39 16 Apr 03

The font you need is "monotype sorts".

  graham√ 15:13 16 Apr 03

That's interesting! If I copy the tick in 'monotype sorts' and try to update my nickname with paste, it comes out a '4'!

Try changing the font in Word to 'monotype sorts'.

  eccomputers 17:10 16 Apr 03

monotype sorts doesnt seem to be a standard font and in it costs $22.
However, I found it on my old 98 machine and copied it over. Brilliant, this is definitely the one I need.

Many many thanks

  graham√ 17:58 16 Apr 03

All down to you!

eccomputers, out of interest, the font is in my 2000 version of Windows.

  graham√ 18:05 16 Apr 03

Correction, 2000 version of Word.

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