No XP disc

  misters 21:23 21 Jan 04

Hi just wondering my friend when they purchased a new pc it did not come with any disc including xp is this right cause what happens if there is a fualt xp came preinstalled, my concern is if something doesn't work right how would they fix it.

It could be installed on a partition on the hard disk would most likely be called restore or backup. get them to check for partitions on the hard disk

  whatsupdoc 21:28 21 Jan 04

they should have a restore disc . if not, speak to the manufacturer. other answer is to buy an xp disc

  mammak 21:39 21 Jan 04

misters' as [email protected] said it should will be installed in a partition on their hard drive(either press reset button or go backup' but you can download 6 floppies for backup as extra' keeping in mind xp have prob with formatted disc's will only go with unformatted like's do it all doe's xp. regard's Mammak.

  misters 21:44 21 Jan 04

Not sure of your last comment mammak i have downloaded the six floppies for them are they ok to use without a xp disc?

  Big Elf 21:44 21 Jan 04

If they have the End User Licence Agreement and valid serial no. then I see no problem in borrowing a full XP install CD in the case of emergencies.

No doubt others will point out if I'm wrong.

  misters 21:51 21 Jan 04

where would they find the serial number and end user agreement if they dont have a disc?

  whatsupdoc 21:53 21 Jan 04

my serial number for xp disc is on the back of my computer

Most New PC's have the serial No: on a sticker somewhere on the case of the PC.

  jonnytub 22:01 21 Jan 04

Did your mate purchase the pc from time by any chance (notorious for not supplying any kind of backup solution be it cd or otherwise.)

  Big Elf 22:01 21 Jan 04

The EULA should have been supplied with the PC, I think, but I must admit I'm not 100% sure.

Can anyone with a recovery CD rather than a full install CD clarify?

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