No wireless connection

  Dalglish2 18:35 24 Aug 07

I have two wireless laptops neither of which are now available to connect to my wireless router (Netgear DG834G).
When this has happened before, re-booting the router has done the trick but not now.
I have not installed any new software recently and am composing this post using the hard wire to the router.
Any ideas?

  Technotiger 19:04 24 Aug 07

re-booting the router ... what exactly do you mean?
To re-set a router just disconnect routers' Power wait ten seconds, then re-connect routers' power. Is that what you did?

  Dalglish2 19:27 24 Aug 07


  Technotiger 19:29 24 Aug 07

Hmm, in that case looks as if you might need to start from scratch and attempt to reconnect just as you did for your first set-up. I don't suppose a System Restore would have any effect?

  woodchip 19:45 24 Aug 07

Go into setup Page for Router to see what as changed for Wireless settings

  woodchip 19:48 24 Aug 07

If you have not made any changes for the router from when you first set it up, Try retoring the Router defaults. Look for a pin hole at the back. Use a Paper clip to do it

  norman47 20:03 24 Aug 07

If the wireless icon is in the sys tray. right click and pick repair or reboot the laptops.

  Dalglish2 21:11 24 Aug 07

Thanks - unable to repair the wireless adaptor when right click as there is no wireless connection.
Have not altered any wireless setup config but have been able to view settings hard wired.
I'll see if there is a pin hole

  norman47 21:15 24 Aug 07

If no wireless connection in sys tray, then look in network connections in control panel. See if it is enabled.

Is the wifi light on both of the laptops, showing that the signal is active?

  setecio 21:17 24 Aug 07

Check that the wireless on the laptops has not been turned off - usually a physical switch or function key. Also check in Network Connections to see if wireless has been disabled.

  Dalglish2 21:22 24 Aug 07


I disabled the security settings and then re-enabled and it has done the trick!
No idea why that shoud work but now sorted!
Have a fab weekend!

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