No volume from laptop Sound chip

  david-338461 19:24 16 Jan 06

I have a Microstar laptop with an AC97 onbooard sound chip. Recently, the volume through both the speakers and the headphone/line out socket has reduced significantly for all sound sources (Windows beeps as well as music). I have checked all the various volume sliders and they are all ay maximum.

Is my sound chip on the way out or is there a problem with drivers. I'd apreciate any advice.

  madPentium 19:28 16 Jan 06

Isnt there a volume button or dial too? on the laptop? Are these up high?

  david-338461 16:50 08 Feb 06

Not been able to log on to respond for a while.
Thanks madPentium! Why didn't I think of that Doh!! I am now deaf with sound.

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