No volume controls or sound -onboard sound card

  cosh 20:07 03 Apr 07

I have just reformatted my hard drive and loaded everything back successfully ,even my modem with your help (see earlier query) EXCEPT for my sound system.

I have a Microstar International MS-6198 motherboard with AWARD BIOS 6.00 PG. (I found that out using which I read about whilst searching this forum) and am running Windows 98.

CD’s play using CD player but I get no sound. In -- accessories –entertainment and then selecting Volume controls gets no response . I can not get volume controls to appear.

In the BIOS ,”onboard sound” is set to auto –only other choice is “off”
In Device Manager there is a yellow ? by PCI Multimedia Audio Device and further checks show “No driver installed”.

Do I need a driver and if so where could I get one and what would its type be.

I assumed that by the term PCI in Multimedia device it is refering to a SOUND card in a PCI slot not a sound card built into the motherboard as I have. Am I wrong in my assumption- are built in sound cards still referred to as PCI ones?

Would appreciate any help and explanation Thanks

  ICF 20:14 03 Apr 07

Get your driver click here

  ICF 20:19 03 Apr 07

From Msi website

Creative® ES1373
Running on PCI BUS.

  cosh 21:46 03 Apr 07

Thanks ICF for the Msi driver details. I downloaded the driver and tried to install it as the driver for the PCI MUltimedia Audio Device using Device Manager --properties --reinstall driver etc and browsing for the the folder but non of the folders in the driver would it recognise = it kept asking me to place a Cd with a codec in the CD-ROM.
Can you explain how to load these drivers it must be different from what I've done before or am I trying to load it to the wrong item.


  phono 21:58 03 Apr 07

If you have your motherboard CD there will most likely be a compatible sound driver included on it.

Whilst on this point, have you loaded the motherboard drivers? It can have a big impact on audio, video and system performance.

  Ashrich 23:40 03 Apr 07

You'll probably find , if you browse the download that there is a Set up file , double click on this and it will automatically install the drivers and control panel entry for you .


  woodchip 23:44 03 Apr 07

What is the one you downloaded? is it a Zip file? you have to unzip it and then double click on the setup file for it to install. Or if it's a ,EXE file just double click the file

  ICF 20:10 04 Apr 07

Unzip the file and click on the EXE file called SETUP.EXE

Just like Woodchip said

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