No volume

  cottager 22:42 12 Jun 04

My sister's computer which has os Win 98SE had to be reformatted and a clean install. Everything went swimmingly but there is no volume. In the Add/Remove programme under multimedia the box is checked saying that the volume has been downloaded but it aint there.
Any suggestions anyone please?

  Night Ryder 22:47 12 Jun 04

Go to device manager and check if there are any yellow question marks in the device list. This will indicate that there are drivers missing from your system.

  cottager 22:50 12 Jun 04

There is a yellow question mark against the communications entry but I have no idea where this driver is. I installed all the software for which there disks but couldn't find anything else.
Any more suggestions?

  TTP 22:57 12 Jun 04

Goto CONTROL PANEL (start-settings) and d-click multimedia, select 'show icon in taskbar', click apply.D click icon ; ensure no ticks are in any 'mute' boxes.That should do it.......i think

  Djohn 22:58 12 Jun 04

Is it a separate sound card or is the sound from the motherboard?

  Night Ryder 22:59 12 Jun 04

Assuming you installed all the motherboard drivers first, I would suggest you look inside the PC and make a note of all cards inserted (Model numbers and makes) and look once again at the device list and see if one on your list is missing. If this is the case and you don't have the installation disk you should be able to download drivers for the missing device from the internet. Know it's not much help now, but I perform this kind of task quite frequently at work and I always list the devices on the PC before a reformat just in case all the installation disks are not available.

  THE TERMINATOR 22:59 12 Jun 04

Double click on your volume3 icon, in the system tray and check the volume control properties, that your volume level is high enough and that nothing has been muted. TT

  cottager 23:04 12 Jun 04

Don't know is the unhelpful answer to that question.

TTP - tried that but there is no volume at all so the icon won't show. Microsoft's knowledgebase said to specify a custom install - which wasn't helpful after doing the install. Then if the install was complete go the Add/remove programme.

  cottager 23:11 12 Jun 04

I thought I had installed all the motherboard drivers from the disk but one must not have installed or not installed correctly.
Is it worth trying again I ask myself. I shall have to talk my sister through it as we are 50 miles away from each other and I'm not going back to Brum if I can help it just yet!!!!!

  TTP 23:13 12 Jun 04

to read again the orig post..yes goto add/remove then click 'windows setup', click multimedia , select all components (tick all components) click apply , restart- yes bob is your uncle

  cottager 23:16 12 Jun 04

Did all that and still no volume. Can't see if anything is muted because there is no volume control ergo no volume loaded.

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