No video picture in Windows Media Player

  Windsor 10:42 26 Feb 11

I have recently reinstalled Windows XP and the WMP 11 will not show the pictures and but have sound.
I think it is probably a missing driver. But how do I get it?


  bremner 10:49 26 Feb 11

Try thsi first

Tools > Options > Performance Tab and click on "Restore Defaults"

  Zeppelyn 11:17 26 Feb 11

What is the file extension? Files other than .wmv will pclick here need a codec. Klite basic will probably sort if so.

  Windsor 11:29 26 Feb 11

Thanks Bremner but still no good. Any other ideas?


  Windsor 11:32 26 Feb 11

Thanks Zeppelyn but your response is corrupt. The site you directed me to is no longer there!
Any other suggestions?


  Windsor 11:40 26 Feb 11

All is now well. Thanks to all.


  bremner 11:53 26 Feb 11

How did you fix it

  Windsor 12:56 21 Mar 11

I have lost full screen pictures in BBC iplayer and videos.
How can I recover them?

I have tried the options already suggested but to no avail


  Windsor 19:14 22 Mar 11

I have Windows XP with WMP11 installed - all newly installed.
If I run a video in WMP11 I don't get any picture - only visualisations.
How can I correct this please?


  Windsor 10:39 24 Mar 11

I still can't get any pictures in WMP11.
I have downloaded anything that looks remotely likely to cure it but to avail.

This is driving me up the wall!

Can anyone help PLEASE


  tullie 10:53 24 Mar 11

You may not get a response as your thread is ticked as resolved.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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