No video

  NJ 17 Jul 11

On boot up I am getting no video from my HP S5128 pc, in fact my HP monitor just flashes up that its going to sleep. I have tried the monitor with another computer and it works fine, I also tried another monitor with this pc and it just stated no video. It had a Nvidia geforce G210 graphic card, I have put a brand new Radeon Saphire HD 4350 and Iam still getting the same, Please anyone got any ideas.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17 Jul 11

Keep tapping F8 as it boots and see if it loads to an error message or menu

  NJ 17 Jul 11

Hi Fruit Bat thanks for the advice I tried it but its a no go the pc just puts the monitor to sleep.

  c4rm0 18 Jul 11

Any Beeps when turning it on ? Have you tried resetting the CMOS ? Have you attached the 6 pin PCI-E to the GFX card ?

Sounds like a faulty PCI-E slot on Motherboard or potentially a PSU issue

  NJ 18 Jul 11

c4rmo thanks for the reply, but no theres no beeps,and the card has no 6 pin pci-e connection apparantly this type of cards i.e. radeon hd 4350 and the g force g210 do not need them. The pc was working fine then when i switched it back on all this started. How do you reset the cmos. thanks for the help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18 Jul 11

Reset CMOS by either Using clear CMOS jumper pins on motherboard or by removing CMOS battery for 10 minutes. 19 Jul 11

Try reseat CPU and VGA card. Using 1 working RAM. Or should be the mobo/CPU problem.

Hope this helps! Bill Tech Manager

  NJ 27 Jul 11

Thanks for the advice I have tried reseting the cmos, installed a new power unit nothing is working so i think it must be the mobo.


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