No video

  fstr 09:40 12 Sep 06

Was given a computer which had been replaced supposed to be working but I get no video have changed graphics card no joy does not seem to be the usual beep on startup but to switch off must hold in off button which gives impression windows loading. any ideas. would like to keep it to try things on before installing in my usual machine motherboard sy-7vcm

  Strawballs 10:24 12 Sep 06

Can you try a clean install if you have OS disc and Key

  woodchip 10:59 12 Sep 06

Two things it could be the PSU is not providing enough power or CPU may be shot. the last I doubt

  fstr 10:59 12 Sep 06

no video at all cant even enter bios, Tried a boot disc nothing

  fstr 11:01 12 Sep 06

Wood chip will try psu

  fstr 11:05 12 Sep 06

Tried PSU no change

  woodchip 11:08 12 Sep 06

That was quick I could not change a PSU plugs that fast, Even though I have the side off

  woodchip 11:17 12 Sep 06

The Post beep may no work, as it may not have internal speaker. So it could be the Graphics card that's faulty

  fstr 12:43 12 Sep 06

Changed graphics card with good one original works in own machine

  Strawballs 12:51 12 Sep 06

How do you change a PSU in 4 mins?

  fstr 13:37 12 Sep 06

Did not physically change it only connected motherboard and hard drive to known working PSU did not fit into computer

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