No 'User Account' in 'Control Panel'

  mec13 23:44 07 Sep 05

No 'User account' link in the Control Panel
System is xp home/sp2 etc. the guest account is of, (I think) I have the 'Administator account'. Is this the reason why I have no 'User account' link in the Control Panel, or is there something wrong somewhere.

One way I found to open the 'User Accounts' is whilst in the Control Panel, into 'System', click on the 'advanced tab', click on the 'settings' button in 'user profiles' where there is a link to 'User Accounts'

I'm sure there was a 'User account' icon in the control panel at one time, or has my tinkering somehow removed it.

ps mistakenly placed my posting into Seaprinces's subject, what can I say. It's been a busy day! try again

  BurrWalnut 09:28 08 Sep 05

Search for files named *.cpl

Those found in C:Windows\System32 are the Control Panel ones and are duplicated in C:\Windows\ServicePack\i386.

Any missing in \System32 can be copied fron \i386.

Make a note of what you have moved so that you can reverse the procedure if things 'go wrong'

  mec13 18:49 08 Sep 05

hummmn! that sounds a bit complicated, I'll give it a bash.

thanks anyway.

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