No System Restore

  laurie53 17:18 09 Jan 06

I've lost System Restore, seemingly out of (or rather into!) the blue.

Any repair possible without a full reinstall? I do have a full XP home disc.

Even Ghost did not help


  wotbus@ 17:26 09 Jan 06

Not too sure what you mean? Do you mean you are unable to create a system restore point?

  LJ4 17:29 09 Jan 06

Laurie 53,

Have you tried scanning System Restore with your anti virus and spyware or malware??

  rawprawn 17:31 09 Jan 06

See if this helps click here

  laurie53 19:35 09 Jan 06

Sorry everybody, my info. was a bit sparse wasn't it. Every time I tried to open restore I got the "sorry, sys.restore has been forced to close etc"

When I clicked on details I found a long list of corrupted files, and I can't think of anything I've installed which may have done this. I have NAV, third party fire wall, and regularly run anti spy software, normally with clean results.

I did a forum search and tried one or two solutions, but in the end had to do a full re-install, which is a pain, but the bigger pain is that since I don't know how it happened, it may happen again!

Thanks for the responses


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