No Spell Check in Outlook Express

  happyhotspur 10:19 03 Feb 07

Does anybody know how to get the spell chekcer to work I have clicked on the correct buttons in the tools/option menues but still the spell checker on e-mails will not work.

any help please

  Zak 10:36 03 Feb 07

I take it that you have had spell check working? If so follow this link:

click here

For spell checker to work you must have MS Works or MS Office application such as Word installed.

Otherwise you need to install a free spell checker for Outlook Express:

click here

  happyhotspur 11:39 03 Feb 07

Thanks ZAK tried this still wont spell check e-mails just comes up with 'error occured while spelling being checked.

I am running windows XP with microsoft office 97. all worked well until I had problems with BTBroadband and had to reinstall since then spell check won't work with e-mails but fine when using Office.

Spell check works when I send e-mails via Bt Yahoo but not through outlook express my preferred e-mail

thanks for your help

  Zak 18:27 03 Feb 07
  Zak 18:27 03 Feb 07
  Zak 18:34 03 Feb 07

click here;EN-US;q224176

Above advice from Kellys Corner

click here

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