no sound on you tube and other websites

  Toni84 23:46 30 Apr 08

I wonder if anyone could tell me why I cant seem to hear anything when I go on you tube, also I cant hear music on myspace as well and various other websites. although with 4od I can only hear it and I cant get the picture but only if I download it to my pc, if it's live streaming it wont load. All of my music cd's seem to work fine and I've tried the sound settings but I just still cant get sound it is very annoying, any ideas???

  brundle 23:47 30 Apr 08

Flash needs updating, uninstall it first. Close all browser windows.

Flash uninstaller; click here
Flash installer (Non-IE is for Firefox and Opera) click here

  Toni84 00:03 01 May 08

I really dont think it's that I think I have the latest Flash player installed, and I've tried to download other stuff like codecs etc: I dont know what I can do because all my friends send me videos but I cant hear them, also I cant hear winks on my im as well but I can hear nudges. It seems to be selecting what it will and wont let me hear.

  brundle 00:11 01 May 08

Well the first three sites you mention require Flash. It's possible that Shockwave needs updating too, have you done that already? click here

The video aspect is usually a codec problem, but you've tried them.
Is it a recent problem? Can you play mp3 or wma files and hear them?

  Toni84 12:03 01 May 08

Yes I have no problem with most things I download (normally mp3 files) I'm not sure if wma files play though, but I dont think I've got Shockwave so I will try that as well thankyou so much :o)

  Toni84 12:45 01 May 08

I downloaded the Shockwave player as instructed, re-started my computer and tried you tube and still no sound is there anything else I can try?

  brundle 19:14 01 May 08

Try this; click here

  Toni84 20:02 01 May 08

Still nothing I dont know whats up with it, but thankyou.

  brundle 20:05 01 May 08

Do you get sounds if you load a Flash game? Or access a movie trailer site that runs in Flash (as most do) click here ?

  Toni84 20:08 01 May 08

Yes I can hear that fine, that's weird???

  Toni84 13:50 03 May 08

Right I've installed a new flash player and I changed the settings to allow the internet to store info on my computer and I checked the box that says always allow but sometimes when I check it is on always deny so I have to tick the allow box again, but I still have no sound, what shall I do now??????

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