No sound when downloa videos from Sony DCR - SX33E

  penholder 12:56 12 Sep 10

I can download videos files. The video plays on my PC but no sound. Using Sony PMB software. Soundcard works because I can play music, other videos. Videos on camera will play on TV with sound.
Do I need a particular codec for my PC to play these files?. PC has integrated sound card on an Abit A-N68SV motherborad, XP service pack 3.

  eedcam 15:17 12 Sep 10

By download do you mean via Usb if so you would be much better off using a Card reader importing the file that way Then play it on whatever you have VLC player is free and might be a better move than messing around getting codecs it wil play virtually anything
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  penholder 20:41 13 Sep 10

Thanks for your reply. I was connecting the camera as per instructions. However, have found the answer from a reviewer of the product on Amazon. Using the Sony software PMB, the sound plays. To use Windows Media Player it is necessary to convert to a format it will play.

  eedcam 22:14 13 Sep 10

Glad you are sorted

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