No sound on my pc ?

  Shanklemeister 17:32 09 Mar 05

The second hand base unit that i have bought from a company on e bay stated that it had a sound card but no sound is coming through my unit , my old compaq unit had sound through the base.

Do i need to check the settings to locate card (if so any ideas how it is done) or maybe even speakers, thanks in advance !

p.s. when u click on speaker on bottom right of screen, the equalizer part moves to the sound ?

  FelixTCat 17:52 09 Mar 05

Do you have any speakers attached? The pc speaker can make pops and clicks, but not much else.

  woodchip 17:58 09 Mar 05

You should double click the Speaker Icon, if there is one in the System tray then a Sound card is fitted and drivers are loaded. As it would not put the Speaker in sys tray if the above did not apply. check as above and see that the speaker is not muted and the slider is at the top

  woodchip 17:59 09 Mar 05

PS also check you have plugged the speaker in the correct jack socket i.e. Speaker socket it should be marked

  Shanklemeister 18:05 09 Mar 05

cheers guys, think im being a bit thick here, my last base didnt have speakers but still fairly decent sound, was expecting the same.

Am I right in thinking if I have a speaker in the corner of the screen everything is there, just need speakers plugged in ?

  woodchip 18:12 09 Mar 05


  FelixTCat 18:20 09 Mar 05

Perhaps your previous base had built-in speakers. These days they are more likely to be in the monitor than the base unit.

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