No Sound From Media Player 9...

  DANZIG 10:09 15 Jul 03

I have a 1.7Ghz P4 PC. I use both RealOne Player and Windows Media Player 9 to listen to music and burn CD's with.

I copied a CD this morning into Media Player then when I tried to listen to it back, there was no sound. There is also no sound on any other tracks stored in Media Player. The visualisations are there and the little bar showing track progress at the bottom moves along.

The sound is working on everything else, so by my rationale the speakers are connected OK. The tracks also play fine in RealOne Player.

I have had no previous problems whatsoever with Media Player. I upgraded to Media Player 9 with no problems and it was fine right up to this morning.

Please Help!!!!

  damoose 03:14 16 Jul 03

R U sure that the CD you've tried to copy hasn't got a blocking code attached to it? I tried one awhile ago with the same result. Found an article in a mag saying impossible to copy some CDs.

  Dr Lecter 03:36 16 Jul 03

Yes some of the newest Music Cd's have a form of protection to prevent PC users coping them. You could always copy to minidisc them burn it.

  Dr Lecter 03:38 16 Jul 03

This heat is driving me mad. I meant to say damoose.

  DANZIG 07:53 17 Jul 03

damoose, I would probably agree with you, however ALL my music that is in Media Player refuses to make any noise now and the CD that I copied sounds fine when I play it in RealOne.

  Taff36 08:59 17 Jul 03

I have had this happen once but I can`t remember exactly what it was. I started Media Player 9 and then once a track appeared to be playing without sound I checked every setting until I could hear it.

e.g. Volume controls/ graphic equaliser in media player and that the system audio was not in mute. (Control Panel > Sound & Audio)

  Stuartli 09:53 17 Jul 03

WIMP, like many other programs and mixer facilities connected with sound, has a mute option - perhaps it or one of the others has been enabled inadvertently.

  DANZIG 18:00 17 Jul 03

Thanks, I feel a bit silly now. I'd accidentally muted the sound.


Thanks for your help everyone.

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