no sound on laptop after reinstalling XP

  leeknight67 21:11 08 Nov 06

I have just reinstalled windows XP Pro everything is working fine excecpt i have no sound i have gone to device manager and there are 3 icons with a tellow mark next to them the are as follows, Multi media Audio controller, PCI modem and video controller (VGA Compatable) What do i try now??



  Stuartli 21:12 08 Nov 06

Reinstalling the (onboard?) sound drivers probably.

  leeknight67 21:17 08 Nov 06

how do i go about this?

  ed-0 21:19 08 Nov 06

have you got a motherboard driver disk that came with the machine?

If not, post the make and model of the laptop.

  leeknight67 21:20 08 Nov 06

its a packard bell easynote f5277

  ed-0 21:24 08 Nov 06

All the drivers for your notebook are here. click here

Download them to a folder on your desktop and then install them.

Good luck.

  woodchip 21:25 08 Nov 06

The Sound drivers may be on another partition.

Hi ed-0 Not been on long.

  woodchip 21:26 08 Nov 06

Too late. Not me normally

  leeknight67 21:29 08 Nov 06

how do i get to them #??

  woodchip 21:39 08 Nov 06

Where it says Sound then description, put your mouse below and it changes to a finger click on it

  ed-0 21:39 08 Nov 06

Hope you are well.

I had a Fujitsu - semiens amilo 3300+ laptop brought over today. It would not boot. they had tried for around three weeks to re-install windows ( oem disk ). The laptop kept stopping the installation or the screen going blank.

I took the hard drive out ran a few diagnostics on it. fdisked it and partitioned it. "C" had quite a few bad sectors, so put the installation on "D". Used "C" just for paging file after windows marked the error blocks.

Lappy up and running fine now :-)

Any luck with the drivers leeknight67

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