no sound input

  buzzbomb 22:47 03 Feb 04

help please,my son can,t record input to our old computer,its 3 year old running me,tried mic and line in sound record wont pick it up it plays lots outtried most things on this site but no luck

  toxin 23:07 03 Feb 04

Goto Controlpanel>Sounds & audio devices>Click on the audio tab> is there a device listed in the drop down box in the "Sound Recording" section?

If so click "volume" and make sure "Line In" is selected, boost the volume a little and try again.

The above advice I gave to Waggers a week or so ago, and it worked for XP, try something similar for ME.

  Indigo 1 23:37 03 Feb 04

which devices are you using for recoring sound ?

  buzzbomb 19:12 05 Feb 04

hi everyone thanks for the advice ive sorted it by going into smart restore and reinstall video games and sound controllers must have been a corrupt driver many thanks.

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