No Sound Device ??

  jski 19:53 12 Jul 06

Ok this is a new one for me, so bare with me.
My computer was working fine this morning, however I had some other issues and I re-installed windows, deleting my harddrives through frustration with buggy files and things. So anyhow, I instal my mobo drivers and my gfx cad drivers, alls fine. Then I go to install soundMax but it says: " Drivers not present, reboot and try again". I go to control pannel to check out my sound devices.. and it says No sound device. I go to device manager and my sounds codecs are there and says there is nothing wrong with them. However when i look at the properties of legacy Audio drivers its empty, no codecs there at all. I read a few forums and dl'd and installed AC97 driver from realtek. nothing happens, So i read some more, and then i try going into my BIOS and making AC97 sound "Enabled" but then when wins reboots I get that dredded blue screen appear and system reboots itself (does this over and over till i disable AC97 in BIOS).
Im using Windows XP. I have a foxconn winfast 760GTK8MC-S mobo (trying to use onboard sound). Now obviously I have deleted the drivers, But howcome when I dl audio drivers from foxconn webby and realtek I still can not resolve this problem?

Sorry its long winded, But i miss my sound

  jski 08:06 13 Jul 06


Still struggling, does anyone have any ideas?

  harristweed 08:36 13 Jul 06

I had a similar problem. I tried to find the answer here, on Windows forums, Microsoft help – nothing!

I have a dual boot system. If I boot in to Windows ME on board sound works fine. Windows XP Pro Nada!

I got so frustrated I bought a separate sound card and that works fine.

  jski 17:57 13 Jul 06

yeah i might have to buy a seperate sound card too

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