No sound from CD player(s)

  BrianLaw 18:52 30 Jan 03

I helped a friend to install a CDRW in his Tiny PC, leaving the old CD drive where it was. All is well except that the sound cable came out of somewhere so we now have no sound. Any idea where it might go ? Can we plug in both the CDRW and the CD for sound ?

  Legolas 19:10 30 Jan 03

There should be pin connections on your sound card that the leads from your cd-rom and your cd-rw will plug into, if you have no sound card then there should be similar connections on your motherboard.

  cream. 19:14 30 Jan 03

BrianLaw. Hi.

One end of your cable will fit in to the far left slot of the cdrw or cdrom. This is the half H shaped end. It will only fit one way round and will actually click when fitted in right.

The completely flat end will fit on to your sound card. You will see probably 2 sets of pins sticking out at the top of the card. They usually fit on the end nearest the back of the case. If it does not work one way then just switch it a round the other way.

The other option is that you have no sound card but onboard sound. This will have the same connector as a sound card but you will have to refer to the motherboard book to locate it.

If you wish to have C\D sound from both devices you could buy a splitter. This would take both cable from cdrom , cdrw and merge them together before plugging into the sound card.

There is also another way to enable sound with out a cable. This can be done through windows and will send the sound data through the ide ribbon cable, but would need to know what your operating system is.

  BrianLaw 22:57 30 Jan 03

Any ideas on where I can get a cheap Firewire card ? Are they all compatible with XP ?

  cream. 23:05 30 Jan 03

You would do better starting a new thread. More people will read it.

Any luck with the sound?

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