premier man 10:55 18 Apr 08

Can anyone tell me how to get the drivers for ALTEC LANSING SPEAKERS,
all exclamation marks in device manager
I have been to their website but no joy,
If I dont have any luck can I use my onboard speaker,I dont have any sound icon in the taskbar,if so what do Ido?
Sorry its rather vague

  skidzy 11:08 18 Apr 08

What model Lansing ?

There are different drivers for different models !

I take it they are usb speakers ?

your driver maybe among these click here

  premier man 11:28 18 Apr 08

Hi skidzy
Thanks for replying so quick
the speakers (2)+ unit is model 121 or model 1021
SERIES100 and plugs into PC with single plug,
Ilooked down the list but did not see any resemblance for what I want

  johnnyrocker 11:40 18 Apr 08

how about click here=?


  wee eddie 11:41 18 Apr 08

Check that you are not trying to draw more power than your USB Circuit can deliver.

Possibly try a rear USB port

  Diemmess 11:43 18 Apr 08

Showing my lack of knowledge, I'm surprised you need drivers for your speakers?
My older Altec Lansing speakers are separately powered.

The sound card needs drivers, whether it is integrated with the motherboard or a separate card.

If your speakers plug into the computer like mine, it is a 3.5mm stereo plug.
The speakers have their own power supply and a wee green light by the on/off switch on the right hand speaker.

Have you looked at the volume control in Programs> Accesories > Volume?

Also on the task bar there may be a little black blob which gives direct access to the Volume Control

  premier man 11:46 18 Apr 08

thanks will check it out
wee eddie
no not USB, just a single plug

  100andthirty 11:56 18 Apr 08

based on all this you need drivers for your sound card. You haven't said what the computer is - laptop/desktop and sound on motherboard or separate. If you've previously had sound working, have you perhaps reinstalled the operating system?

In any event for more help the make/model of computer and motherboard and, if separate, sound card are needed. Good luck

  premier man 12:15 18 Apr 08

Thanks for your help,shows how thick I am,
Yes everything is as you say including geen light,only thing is I dont have is a volume control black blob on the taskbar,
so question is how do I get over getting sound card drivers?

  johnnyrocker 12:18 18 Apr 08

first you need soundcard info then more help can be found.


  wee eddie 12:48 18 Apr 08

If not USB powered ~ Where is their power coming from?

There should be a Mains cable

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