NO Sound & all update d/loaded..?

  charmingman 18:57 24 Apr 08

Hi all, having wiped my hd clean ive found that i cant play music..? ive installed ALL the updates & ive since installed Winamp..? still nothing..? is there a diagnostic's prog or anything else i can use to find the problem..?

  charmingman 20:12 24 Apr 08

take it no one can help me...Iam DOOMED..!!

  Jak_1 21:42 24 Apr 08

I take it that hd clean you mean you done a total re-install with a reformat. If that is the case then you will need to download the audio drivers. Do you have a soundcard or onboard sound. What make is the soundcard if you have one?
MS updates will not sort the prob.

  crosstrainer 21:46 24 Apr 08

Or the driver cd that came with your system.

This should contain the audio driver files to get you started, then go from there online to update

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