No sound after reinstall.

  Zorgalite 19:08 16 Aug 06

Hi. I have just reformatted the hard drive of a freind,s comp(or at least they were), and reinstalled windows XP pro, everything went surprisingly well apart from now, there is no sound on the pc. There is also no speaker symbol in the sys tray, and if I go in to device manager, there is a small yellow exclamation symbol next to the "C-Media AC97 Audio Device.
I have tried uninstalling this and reinstalling it again letting windows look for the drivers etc, etc. Even tried downloading some (drivers) which have been suggested on previous threads of the same problem but nothing works, and still the little yellow icon is there laughing at me. I can see from previous threads, that this has happened to other people, but haven't yet seen a possitive sollution to the problem. Please Help if you can. Thanks & Rgds.

  jimv7 19:17 16 Aug 06

Check for the sound drivers on the motherboard cd, as c-media is most likely an on board sound chip.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 16 Aug 06

yellow exclamation symbol next to the "C-Media AC97 Audio Device.

right click select proerties, what error message does it show? what code no. eg code 28.

  Zorgalite 19:28 16 Aug 06

Code 10 is the error message, and yes it is an onboard sound chip,ie, no pci sound card.

  Zorgalite 19:34 16 Aug 06

I forgot. Do not have any motherboard cd with comp. Also if I try to update the drivers, windows tells me that it cannot find a better one than the one which is already installed.
Does this help any?

  Joe R 19:44 16 Aug 06


can you post the motherboard make & model, and i'll show you where to download the drivers.?

  Zorgalite 19:48 16 Aug 06

Hi. hope you can help. It is;
Gige-Byte, 8S651MP-RZ
Anything will be worth a try. Thanks.

  jimv7 19:52 16 Aug 06

click here for drivers

  Goolie 19:58 16 Aug 06

Try Here: click here

  Goolie 20:02 16 Aug 06

I suggest you uninstall audio drivers before installing correct one from Gigabyte.

  Joe R 20:05 16 Aug 06


sorry if I seemed a bit ignorant by not replying, after my earlier thread, but by the time I had came back to your posting, jimv7 had already posted the same link, that I also would have given.

Hope your sound is now working. regards Joe.

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