No sound

  tonyt1151 06:54 AM 07 Oct 11

I have an HP Pavillion dv6000 series laptop which has suddenly lost its sound. Next to the clock at the bottom of the screen is a speaker icon with a red cross on it which gives me a message saying "no audio output device is installed. If I open device manager there is no line for sound devices. I can only assume the sound device has gone faulty. Could someone tell me if this is likely to be a fairly simple and inexpensive repair or given the age of the laptop (approx 6years old)is it going to be cost ineffective.

  birdface 08:04 AM 07 Oct 11

I think if you download SIW it should tell you what sound device you have on your computer. Then just a matter of looking for the Makers and downloading the proper driver.

  eedcam 08:27 AM 07 Oct 11

have you tried a system restore also windows updates can sometimes cause this

  tonyt1151 20:45 PM 07 Oct 11

I have downloaded SIW. When I click on sound device none are listed. I have tried a system restore which has made no difference. It now looks increasingly likely that a component has gone pop which presumably will be expensive

  rdave13 21:25 PM 07 Oct 11

Your sound chip has given up the ghost I think. Try a cheap usb audio external sound from ebay to confirm.

Have a look here

As the lappy is six years old I wouldn't repair it as the cost would be prohibitive in my opinion.

  birdface 22:21 PM 07 Oct 11

Try Services and scroll down to windows audio and make sure it is set to automatic.

  tonyt1151 15:59 PM 08 Oct 11

Have looked at services and Windows audio started and set to auto. have ordered USB sound stick to try. Thanks guys for your input. It looks like I may to add a new laptop to Xmas list


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