No Sound ????

  buster99 15:14 16 Jan 08

My laptop (Compaq Pressario) used to have Windows media centre O/S installed. Due to a different problem I needed to install Windows XP Pro. This has solved the original problem with regards a wireless adapter but I no longer have any sound !!!!!. I'm unable to see in the device manager if there is a sound card. I'm not familiar with the internal workings of laptops. The computer still makes the critical error beep which I guess comes from the motherboard. There is no longer any voloume symbol in the bottom right next to the clock either. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

  RobCharles1981 15:16 16 Jan 08

Check to see if the onboard sound is enabled in the bios first?

have you loaded the motherboard/sound drivers?
from cd or
click here

  buster99 15:21 16 Jan 08

Cheers for the reply but I'm not that confident with that side of repairs, how do I check and what i'm i looking for.

  buster99 18:21 16 Jan 08

Any other ideas / How do I check the bios - Please

  hiwatt 18:53 16 Jan 08

Just an idea
Have you checked the sounds tab in start/control pannel to make sure the volume is up and not muted?

  buster99 21:18 16 Jan 08

Thanks for the advice Hiwatt but still no success !!

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