No sound?

  deneka 11:56 19 Mar 04

A friend sent me a file containing an animated video and sound. When i viewed it on his laptop it was working fine, but he's emailed it to me, i saved it & when i open it. I can see the video but there is no sound. I have my speakers on and turned right up !!

Does anyone know if there is a specific tool i need to get the volume?

I have had similar problems with other applications aswell where i've had no sound :(

  Giggle n' Bits 12:01 19 Mar 04

when he created this files, it could be quick time, Real Player, Creative's software used with Blaster card.

What type of file is this ? You need to Right click and select properties on it.

  xania 12:29 19 Mar 04

Can youplease be more specific about when you do and don't get sound. Also, what OS and what sound card (if on-board, what mobo)?

  deneka 13:42 19 Mar 04

Ok I'm not very good with pc's but will try to be more specific .

This pc when we bought it was advertised as having on board sound, which we took to mean, didnt need a sound card. We initially had problems and so put a sound card in which was taken from our old pc.

when playing games from for example they all have sound. But whenever someone emails me a link to a video clip with sound, I cannot hear anything. The picture is fine, just sound that i have a problem with.

So i don't know if that helps anymore or whether i have confused you even more, sorry if i have.

I am not 100% sure how to find out what type of file it is, have clicked on properties, the only thing that i can see that may mean something is .exe is that any use?

Thanks guys :D

  xania 14:57 20 Mar 04

Frankly, if the PC was advertised as having a card, and it did not work, I would have taken it back and got them to sort it out. However, its a bit late for that now. If your mobo has a sound card, oyu will ave to disable this in the BIOS before any ad-on card will work correctly. Did you get a manual with your PC - if so, it should tell you how to disable sound. Alternatively, if you can provide details about the model of the PC and/ot the motherboard in it, I should be able to dig out what you need.

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