no sound!

  tanzanite 20:57 29 Aug 03

When i turned pc on there was no windows sound at startup,i went to realplayer and windows media to see if i could play music but i get an error message saying Ihave a problem with my sound device. im on xp and id be grateful if someone could help me find out whats wrong.

  Gedrog 21:00 29 Aug 03

What soundcard do u have

  tanzanite 21:09 29 Aug 03

Heck i feel real silly but i bought pc from some fella that builds them with no manuals or nothing like that so ive no idea is there a way of checking in my pc for my name of soundcard.

  tanzanite 22:34 29 Aug 03

well its not the speakers i just checked them on my cd player and their working fine its really niggling me as i dont no whats wrong!

  tanzanite 22:58 29 Aug 03

Also when i go to control panel/sounds and audio devices,it says no audio device and all the options are greyed out so i cant select any of the speaker settings!

  jazzypop 23:02 29 Aug 03

Go to Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System restore, and restore to yesterday's date

  Jean-Luc Picard 23:12 29 Aug 03

If jazzypop's suggestion doesn't do the trick you may have to open your case, check where the speaker connection leads to and if you have a soundcard connected to a PCI (white)slot make sure by pressing it towards your motherboard that it is correctly seated. If your uding onboard sound you might want to consider purchasinc a sound card. But before we go down that road keep posting back here with any progress. This is an excellent forum with many knowledgeble contributers, me excepted.

  feb 23:14 29 Aug 03

has it ever had sound?

  tanzanite 23:21 29 Aug 03

Well went to s restore tried it twice but when i restarted it said no changes were made.There is no way i would have the knowledge to open the case up infact id prob make matters worse if i did that,Ive had pc bout 4 months now and the sound has always been fine.

  Jean-Luc Picard 23:28 29 Aug 03

By just trying what I suggested isn't that difficult, give it a try it could save a lot of hassle in the long run and if it doesn't work you won't have lost anything.

  feb 23:31 29 Aug 03

so! something has happened since last time ! The biggest problem with sound problems is the connection, dont think its ok get on your hands and knees and check it , unplug it and plug it in again, in the right socket. If you dont do it you'll always wonder!

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