No socket on mobo for DVD drive :-(

  wotbus@ 18:20 24 Feb 06

Just coming to the end of a rebuild and find there is no socket for the DVD drive on the new mobo! Perhaps a bit naive but I thought all modern mobo's would support a DVD player but it would appear not so. It's no big deal, it's just that the DVD drive is in situ and it would have been nice to have it working. There is a socket for the CD drive and that works OK. Question: Any way around this of which I am unaware, or just tough luck?

  g0nvs 18:25 24 Feb 06

What "mobo".

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:26 24 Feb 06

There is a socket for the CD drive and that works OK

Therefore is one IDE slot on your motherboard you can get a cable that has two conections and plug the drive into the secondaconnection with the jumper set as slave.

Or are you using the second connection already for a PATA (IDE hard rive)?

  wotbus@ 18:49 24 Feb 06

My apologies for not making it clear. Everything is connected up and working except for: From the CD and DVD drives there is a thin grey cable which terminates in a little socket on the mobo [MSI by the way]. On the old mobo they went onto CD and AUX respectively. On the new mobo there is only CD!

  wotbus@ 18:51 24 Feb 06

Just had a look at my No1 PC and I see a headphone jack and volukme control actually on the drive at the front. It's not that is it???

  woodchip 19:08 24 Feb 06

Remove the CD and fit the DVD drive it will do CD's also

I think you are talking about audio connections. Dont worry, it will work fine without an audio connection. None of mine are connected in such a manner.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:15 24 Feb 06

Ah you mean analogue sound connection.

Not required can be done through the ide cable.

Control panel - hardware system -device manager - right click you drive - properties - properties tab - tick the box enable digial CD auio for this device then click ok.

  keith-236785 19:40 24 Feb 06

as tommo and fruit bat, there is no need for the audio cable now, sound is sorted via Digital audio through the IDE cable. the small grey cable you mention hasnt been needed since the days of win95 & Win98 First Edition (i think) windows 98SE and newer all have used digital audio (win98 se sometimes didnt work but it wasnt often)

  wotbus@ 19:56 24 Feb 06

Bit embarassed now - just goes to show the learning curve never ends ;-). Thanks everyone. :-)

  keith-236785 18:47 25 Feb 06

goes for all of us m8, glad you are sorted.

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