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'NO SIGNAL PRESENT' on monitor

  algernonymous 21:42 21 Feb 05

My other half's PC now only displays 'NO SIGNAL PRESENT' on the monitor. I've checked the plug is still securely attached, so what's the next course of action? Reinstall driver?

  Salinger 21:47 21 Feb 05

If it is a TFT sometimes unplugging from the mains works.

  algernonymous 21:54 21 Feb 05

No, - CRT monitor, onboard graphics.

  Dan the Confused 22:00 21 Feb 05

How many beeps do you hear when you boot up?

  algernonymous 22:20 21 Feb 05


  Dan the Confused 22:35 21 Feb 05

It's normal for a PC to beep once on boot up (as far as I know) so that indicates a hardware problem. Go into CMOS BIOS and disable quick POST; enter BIOS by pressing the DEL key (or whatever it says on the first screen you see when you boot). This will usually show up any memory problems, although it may be intermittent.

It could also be a problem with the graphics card, try re-seating the memory and graphics card and see if it makes any difference.

  Dan the Confused 22:45 21 Feb 05

Ah...you won't be able to see anything on the monitor (silly me). Try re-seating the memory and graphics card anyway.

  freaky 11:21 22 Feb 05

The 'No Signal Message' obviously indicates that the monitor is not receiving any signal from the PC. You state that MOB has On-Board Graphics.
The cause of the problem would be associated with one of the following: -

(a) The VGA cable from the Monitor to the graphics output socket is not plugged in securely.

(b) The cable is faulty.
(c) Fault has developed in the on-board Grapics Card.


(a) Check connections.
(b) Try another cable.
(c) Purchase an AGP Graphics Card, disable the on-board graphics. Install the new card and drivers then connect it to the monitor.

  SMILEY2 11:53 22 Feb 05

this problem can also occur if there is dust inside the computer a clean with compressed air can help.It worked on one occassion for me.

  PA28 14:16 22 Feb 05

We know that your original monitor is OK as it's telling you it isn't getting a signal. We don't know that its' cable connection or socket is OK. So try some basic elimination:

1 - Connect another (known good) monitor using same cable. If it doesn't work then

2 - Try another cable (with the second monitor).

3 - if still no joy, it's likely to be your graphics card.

If something in between it's either the cable or monitor/connections. You should be able to identify which.

That's the theory anyway!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:05 22 Feb 05

Do you get a picture (POST details)on the screen until windows boots?

If message appears after initial boot then the problem may well be faulty graphics drivers.

Boot into safe mode (basic drivers loaded therefore screen visable) uninstall graphics drivers in device manager.

Reinstall drivers XP = action scan for hardware changes win898 or me use CD that came with the PC.

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