No signal from PC to monitor

  MasterLeech 17:03 22 Oct 14


I have recently undergone some changes within my PC. I have switched to windows 7 64bit and tried adding more ram (which turned out to be incompatable) in the process. The other night windows was shutting down but had to do some updates, 182 to be exact! The same day I came home and tried to alter the RAM to look to see what I had! I then turned on my computer to see that my monitor just said no signal! I have tried everything! I tried resetting the cmos, reseating my RAM and graphics card and even replacing the cables and monitor I was using! My graphics card in an Nvidea GeForce GTX 660 and I was happily using 4gb RAM until I wanted more! Everything was fine until that day I don't know what happened? Can anyone help?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:23 22 Oct 14

Do you have a windows DVD?

If so boot from the DVD tap F8 to get to the Advance tools menu and select system restore pick a date before the updates.

  wee eddie 19:47 22 Oct 14

I assume that, with all this work, you have unplugged it several times.

It could be worth checking that one of the pins on the Cable may be bent

  bumpkin 20:04 22 Oct 14

OK so have you removed the incorrect RAM and put back the original?

*The same day I came home and tried to alter the RAM to look to see what I had! * that bit I don't understand, could you clarify please.

  MasterLeech 23:55 22 Oct 14

Yes I have placed all the ram back into its original position. And as for the windows DVD, I burnt the ISO image onto a disk to install it as I already had a key. The problem is my monitor doesn't show anything so I can't access any settings! And the cable is fine as I used the same cable and monitor to plug into my laptop and that worked fine.

  MasterLeech 00:03 23 Oct 14

Also something that did happen when I moved the RAM back to its original place was I started getting two beeps when my computer started after the usual one. I think this means a problem with the RAM but how it is now is what it was originally so I have no idea what has changed.

  bumpkin 12:20 23 Oct 14

Try the RAM one stick at a time into each slot.

  wee eddie 13:42 23 Oct 14

Try this page Beep codes and follow the instructions on '1 beep' followed by '2 beeps'

  wee eddie 13:43 23 Oct 14

Also, just occurred to me. You may have dislodged the Graphics Card

  MasterLeech 17:23 24 Oct 14

I did think that I could have dislpdged the graphics card but even when I plug the cable into the other connection on the PC (which I'm guessing is the intergrated graphics) it doesn't work! I will also try placing one stick of ram at a time to see if that helps.

  MasterLeech 10:32 25 Oct 14

Putting one stick of RAM in out of the two didn't change anything...

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