No signal Medion PC

  dugit 16:44 PM 28 Jul 12

My wifes PC would not come on today for her, it is a Medion E2207D with Windows 7,all that happens it shows "No signal" on the monitor, the fan seems to be working OK, I have tried removing and reinserting the connections between the PC tower and the monitor with no luck. Any suggestions on what to do next would be welcomed ?

  rickf 17:19 PM 28 Jul 12

Try reinserting the graphics card if it's a desktop. May have come loose.

  dugit 20:06 PM 28 Jul 12

Have changed lead to monitor no luck, but when I connected an old monitor it seems so far to work OK. I don't know whether one can fault find on a faulty monitor?

  birdface 00:04 AM 29 Jul 12

If the Monitor is from medion you used to get a 3 year warranty from them.

Looks like it may have to be replaced.

If you go inside you need to be sure all of the power has been drained from it.

Then look for bad capacitors.

I f you take it into a shop for repair it would probably cost a minimum of £40.

You may well be better putting it towards a new one.

How old is it.

  BRYNIT 08:37 AM 29 Jul 12

Try the monitor on another computer with the same cable.

Try another cable.

If you still have the same problem its time for a new monitor.


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