No signal on DVI

  bruckshaw 16:56 13 Nov 05

I have an AG neovo F419 coupled to a Gainward nVidia 5200. The analog system works perfectly but the monitor will not detect a signal on DVI (through a DVI-D cable).

I have reinstalled the Neovo drivers and updated the nVidia driver but still no joy.

My current thoughts are that
1. The cable is duff
2. The card is duff

Before I invest in a new card any other suggestions please?.

  Big Elf 17:04 13 Nov 05

I've got exactly the same screen and mine works perfectly on an ATI Radeon. If you've bought the screen recently you should be able to have it replaced.

Can you try it connected to another PC or use another cable?

  bruckshaw 17:08 13 Nov 05


I got the screen last Thursday but the possibility that the screen is duff seems remote.
I am not too happy about asking a friend to dis-assemble his mahine for me but I will see what I can do.

  woodchip 17:14 13 Nov 05

try display in control panel

  Big Elf 17:27 13 Nov 05

You have connected the DVI cable to the top connector on the back of the screen rather than the lower one?

  bruckshaw 17:36 13 Nov 05

To Woodchip,
In Display I don't see any opportunity to swicth to DVI except when using two screens. If I change to Digital there the screen goes blank for a few seconds and then reverts to analog.

To Big Elf
Yep .. the correct connections are made.

  bruckshaw 18:14 13 Nov 05

I have just tested the DVI-D cable with a multimeter and have got a good connection through the cable from one end to the other for all the pins except the horizontal one and also for what I think is pin 24 (it is at the extreme bottom right if you look at the connector with the horizantal pin to your right. I think this is the TXC- pin.

Are these fatal open circuits?

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