No scart for DVD

  Legolas 21:51 07 Jan 04

My mate got two DVD players for christmas (lucky man)He was going to put one in the kids room with their telly but the telly has no scart, is there a way to connect the DVD to the telly other than to a scart connection?

  cdb 22:24 07 Jan 04

does the TV have phono av inputs? red/white and yello plugs? You can get scart to phono cables. If it's rf only, you'll need to try and get some sort of adapter/vonvertor if any one does one.

  Legolas 22:26 07 Jan 04

No the only connection is the one for the aerial

  Tim1964 22:31 07 Jan 04

I put in "scart to rf" in Google and this was one of the sites

click here

  Tim1964 22:38 07 Jan 04
  DieSse 00:09 08 Jan 04

Yup - a modulator is the way to go - often used for older games consoles. Should be available at most decent TV shops.

  billyliv 09:09 08 Jan 04

Hi, Scart cables only serve to enhance the picture quality and are really not required. cheers, Bill

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