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  Quiet Life 17:05 15 Mar 13

I have a neighbour who has been using a Guest signal from my DSL-N55U and wishes to extend this signal . He would ideally like it to be available throught the mains circuit.>Is there a compatible wireless receiver mains extender that he could configure without any configuration on my part?~>If not what would I have to do. I do not wish to give him other than a Guest connection.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:55 15 Mar 13

see option 2 here

  woodchip 18:38 15 Mar 13

Think you will be in big trouble if your Provider finds that you are allowing a neighbour access to your network connection

  Quiet Life 13:04 16 Mar 13

Thanks Fruit Bat I had already googled that but was hoping for a reply from somebody who had actualy used the necessary eqipment

  Quiet Life 13:07 16 Mar 13

Thanks woodchip would appreciate some further info on the basis for your comment.

  mgmcc 19:29 16 Mar 13

"further info on the basis for your comment"

a) ISP Terms & Conditions will almost certainly prohibit the sharing of your internet connection other than with members of your own household.

b) Perhaps more importantly, you will be legally responsible for whatever content your neighbour downloads.

  Quiet Life 15:54 17 Mar 13

mgmc Thanks. for highlighting the problems. Neighbour is very old and not computer literate so I will have to take the chance as after several years I can not withdraw the access.

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