No programe runs

My PC starts ok but non of the programs will run.
When I open a program it just freezes.

I think the hard drive is faulty, how can I fix this without lossing staff on my memory.

  Pesala 09:34 27 Aug 06

What about Windows Explorer?

If that will run then you can copy your data files to a CDs to back them up before trying to run Scandisk on the hard drive to attempt to fix the problems.

You might need to reformat the hard drive, reinstall Windows, and all of your programs. If you have to do that then you will lose your data.

  skidzy 09:38 27 Aug 06

Can you boot into safe mode,tapping f8 on startup,i would then suggest you run your AV and antispyware programs first.
It may well be a case of faulty or not enough RAM.

Please tell us your os and spec of system.

  exodus 10:33 27 Aug 06

You did not mention your operating system.
For XP, immediately after a reboot, open Task Manager (cntrl + alt + del keys) and let us know the number of applications running and also the figures shown the Performance tab.

If this is a recent problem, what changes have you done to the computer, such as programs added. Have you tried a system restore point?

  skidzy 21:38 27 Aug 06 have ticked resolved,would you mind posting the solution this may help others in the future.

Thanks skidzy

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