no power on tower

  bigboab y 14:04 06 Jan 03
  bigboab y 14:04 06 Jan 03

My grandson powered up his tower system and heard an almighty bang from the rear..and machine didnt work ...had a look and there was a burning smell coming from the atx 250 power unit .. so I changed the unit with a brand new one...but still nothing is running...its a Soltek SL-65mv mobo..has something knacked the motherboard?? all suggestions gratefully appreciated

  bigboab y 14:17 06 Jan 03

meant to mention ... when I press the start button on the front the power unit fan doesnt even start...

  special sophie 14:36 06 Jan 03

motherboard is dead i'm afraid and it may have destroyed your CPU as well. start by replacing the motherboard and if you still have no joy then it's a new CPU for you as well sorry to be the bringer of bad news. Take it out of his pocket money

  bigboab y 14:49 06 Jan 03

thanks sophie suspected as much I'll send him out to clean chimneys

  bigboab y 17:27 06 Jan 03

As suggested above .. now need new mobo to replace Soltek SL-65MV... any recommends?? think the cpu (hopefully undamaged) is a Celeron 900..also is SLOT1 the same as socket 370 ??? only kidding about the chimney thing BTW :-)

  DieSse 17:31 06 Jan 03

No - slot1 is NOT the same as socket 370.

  bigboab y 17:35 06 Jan 03

Thanks diesse.. so does a Celeron 900 cpu only work on socket 370???

  DieSse 17:37 06 Jan 03

Yes - it only works on the type of socket you have now. Is your Celeron an FCPGA or a PPGA - do you know?

It should say on the chip itself if you up to looking - well I suppose you'll have to look anyway, when you dsimantle the system!

  bigboab y 13:49 17 Jan 03

After the above advice,I bought a working (allegedly) QDI Synactix 1 mobo on ebay... changed everything on to new board (including original CPU) .. but it wont power up either.. there is a flashing red diode just above the mobo battery .. any idea what this is telling me? Is the cpu knackered as well ???I have been on the QDI support page but cant find an answer on their forum

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