no power to pc

  White_Elephant 07 May 11


my pc won't come on at all. I have swapped over the psu and the power cable. Is there anything else I can do before I assume the mobo is dead and have to buy a new one?


  onthelimit1 07 May 11

When you press the power button, do any fans etc come to life?

  spuds 07 May 11

Is the power socket, plug and fuses okay?.

  onthelimit1 07 May 11

If not, it's likely to be the power button itself. Just confirm the psu(s) are OK following click here

  lotvic 08 May 11

It might be the mains wall socket, have you tried a table lamp in the same socket to check it? or try the pc in another wall socket.

  C3 08 May 11

Steps :

  1. see if there is a power light on the Mobo. Check plug socket for current if not, also change power cable and check again. Check that the power button on PC hasn't been damaged (you should here it click when you press it)
  2. Disconnect everything from the Motherboard except the 20/24 pin Power and the Processor power. Turn off the power switch on the back of the PSU and hold down the power button for 10 secs. Turn the power switch back on then press power button. If nothing happens...
  3. Swap out PSU. Carry out the same test. If it is still dead, that usually means there is something wrong with the motherboard.
  C3 08 May 11

Forgot to add :

If power does come back on and you get the PC to POST, start adding devices back on one at a time. If it falls over again, disconnect that device and try another one. This way you'll see if it is a device causing your issue, or if it keeps falling over randomly regardless of what you have plugged in, then it's probably the board.


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