No Power. New PSU and still NO Power

  Space Aware 20:12 21 Aug 06

Hello. My imedia 5205 5 years old packed in last week. No power, nothing.
No fans start, no noises, dead!
Assumed it was the PSU, so I put a new one in just now, and still nothing, dead, no noises, no fans, no lights, DEAD!

Any ideas, Thanx!

  Space Aware 20:28 21 Aug 06

Any ideas?
Thanx in advance :)

  skidzy 20:42 21 Aug 06

Just like mine a wee while ago...Dead mobo i guess.

Sorry,but im sure others will say,you will need specialist tools to find out if the mobo has died.Looks like you may be better to take to your local pc specalist or a local repair man.

good luck.

  Space Aware 20:43 21 Aug 06

The motherboard just died? Oh dear, doesnt sound promising!

  skidzy 20:50 21 Aug 06

Sorry Space Aware but it sounds exactly the same as mine and i also replaced the psu first,i gave up in the end and am still looking around for a replacement desktop.
Also like my old faithful Emachine,it was 5 years due to die i guess.realistically,I would think its time for a replacement and enjoy the next 5 years with a new system :-)

Good luck.

  Ray5776 20:52 21 Aug 06

Have you checked that there is power to and out of the new PSU?

  Space Aware 20:52 21 Aug 06

Thanx skidzy!

  Space Aware 20:54 21 Aug 06


to the PSU, yes. But how do I test out, without a multimeter?
Thanx in advance!

  Ray5776 21:05 21 Aug 06

You need a PSU tester or a multimeter, but if power in is OK then power out should be as its new. I was just looking for the simple things that we sometimes miss.
Obvious next thing is to check the cable connections to the mobo.

  FelixTCat 22:24 21 Aug 06

Space Aware,

Check the fuse in the plug - if you can't test it, change it.



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