No picture,just a red cross in a box

  SB23 11:48 26 Oct 05

For about 2 weeks now,nearly every web page that looks as though it should contain a picture just has a red cross in a box in the top left hand corner,and before anyone says anything,I know that this subject has been covered before,but for the life of me,everything I do,I cannot get the pictures to return.Even adverts are flashing clear boxes at me with the red cross at the top.Am I doing something wrong,please help.

  Taff36 12:04 26 Oct 05

In Tools>Options>advanced tab check that under multimedia there is a tick in "show pictures". If not, put one in, Apply and then OK. Refresh the page (F5)and see if it cure`s the problem.

  SB23 12:10 26 Oct 05

The only box that isn't ticked in that section is "show image download placeholders",everything else is ticked with no difference.

  Taff36 12:38 26 Oct 05

click here Pinched from another thread.

  Taff36 12:40 26 Oct 05

Sorry wrong one! click here (Courtesy of Demarcus)

  SB23 12:48 26 Oct 05

Thanks for the link,looks like alot to go through,but will have a try.Have got to try and solve this,it's annoying.Sb23

  SB23 13:10 28 Oct 05

After looking at the info suggested by Taff36,I am still having problems with alot of pages,after they've loaded.Have so far followed all information given to me,but still cannot view web pages correctly,most still contain the little red cross in the top left hand corner,what's going on? Please help.

  Confab 14:12 28 Oct 05

Long shot but try installing and running this click here then re-boot

  SB23 15:32 28 Oct 05

Do I really need to use that,as I've always used CCleaner,without any problems.Doesn't that do the same thing without the risk to the hard drive?

  961 15:35 28 Oct 05

What firewall, anti virus, spyware killers are you using?

  SB23 15:40 28 Oct 05

McAfee suite 2005,ad-aware,spybot,ccleaner,I think that's it,oh,and Microsoft antispyware is on the system,but I find usually the others find problems first,but I don't understand why all of a sudden pages/pictures are not loading.

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