No picture on youtube?

  hiwatt 11:51 05 Mar 11

Hi folks
When on youtube I can hear the audio but there is no picture present.I have uninstalled adobe flash player and installed the latest version and it made no difference.I uninstalled firefox and reinstalled that too but it's still the same.Anyone any ideas what could be causing this?Sometimes the picture will show but if I click on another video at the side just the audio plays?Thanks.

  rawprawn 11:58 05 Mar 11

Does it work using Internet Explorer?

  CaseSensitive 12:46 05 Mar 11

I had exactly the same problem yesterday. See my thread below.

I thought I'd cured it by removing and then reinstalling Flash but the problem is still there. It works once when Flash is reinstalled but then subsequent vids don't show the picture. In order to see anything I have to uninstall and then reinstall.

This all began yesterday when I rejected an Adobe update by clicking "remind me later".

I'm using IE7 and XP Sp3 and can't figure out what's happening.

  hiwatt 14:11 05 Mar 11

I have internet explorer 6 installed and youtube says it doesn't support that browser so I can't say but the other poster on this thread is having the same problems using IE7.This must be a problem within youtube itself I think?With regards to IE6 there isn't an option to uninstall it.Will it be ok to install IE8 on top of it?

  CaseSensitive 15:20 05 Mar 11


I don't believe it's a browser problem. I believe it's a Flash problem. If I uninstall and then reinstall the youtube vid plays ok the first time and I can replay that individual vid. Any subsequent vids are sound only !

It's almost as if running Flash the first time is somehow corrupting it.

It's bloody annoying and frustrating. System restore doesn't fix things either.

  hiwatt 16:12 05 Mar 11

It's really frustrating aint it?
If I load a video ino youtube the first one will play ok but if I then choose another video to play I only get sound.This has be a problem with youtube/flash player?

  CaseSensitive 16:34 05 Mar 11

When did your problem start ? It was yesterday for me.

  rawprawn 16:39 05 Mar 11

You can install IE 8 no problem, I am running IE 9 Beta at the moment with no trouble at all. If you want to try it,and find you don't like it you can uninstall it easily, and it will revert back to your previous version.

  BT 17:00 05 Mar 11

Its all OK on mine.
IE6 and Google Chrome on XP.

  BT 17:01 05 Mar 11

Thats IE7 and Google Chrome !

  hiwatt 17:24 05 Mar 11

It started yesterday for me too.Thank you rawprawn I'll give it a go. don't use IE much but youtube won't work at all on IE6 it says.

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