No O/S. How can I start my old computer.

  Taurus 15 Mar 12

Hi everyone, I have just reformatted the HDD on an old Mesh machine I have acquired in order to install Win 98 (to play 7th guest etc). It required me to use the XP disc to do the reformat which I did and then i removed that and replaced it with a 98 disc but the machine is refusing to start from it of from indeed, the XP disc. I just get a message to remove media and press any key to restart. Pressing any key, with or without media, just causes the same message to be repeated. I have no floppy disks so I can't make a 98 boot-disk, is there anything I can do? Any help would be much appreciated.

  lotvic 15 Mar 12

W98 requires formatting to FAT32 not NTFS.

You can download a boot cd instead of a floppy, haven't got the link handy but either google for one or maybe someone will post a link on here. Ultimate Boot CD I think is the one you want.

  Taurus 15 Mar 12

Thanks lotvic, I'm downloading Ultimate Boot CD as i write, I will post again with results.

  bremner 15 Mar 12

Microsoft Support

Click on the above link for a walkthrough from Microsoft

  loonogs 16 Mar 12

Have you got sorted out ?


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