No Operating System

  JBRKilluh 18:32 25 Jul 10

ok I want to buy a PC with no operating system, but I don't get how it would work... Do I use the recovery disk from a different comp?

  Sea Urchin 18:35 25 Jul 10

You would need to buy a full version of the operating system you require - you can't "recover" from nothing.

  JBRKilluh 18:38 25 Jul 10

ok then another option is to use an integrated graphics card... but I know that integrated graphics cards are absolutely crap for gaming.

ok I want this computer (click here for the PC) but my budget is £400

  Sea Urchin 18:57 25 Jul 10

Not quite sure what you are saying here - I presume you are not suggesting that a graphics card is an alternative to an operating system?

You say you want the computer in your link - and yes I would agree that the integrated card will not be good for gaming. But why not select a card from the list to make your purchase up to nearer the £400 you are prepared to spend?

  JBRKilluh 19:03 25 Jul 10

but the lowest priced graphics card + Windows Vista 64bit makes it £420 or somewhere around that which is past my budget

  woodchip 19:26 25 Jul 10

You could use a Free version of Linux, first try it by running from a Live Linux CD most or all the software comes free with Linux click here

  JBRKilluh 19:30 25 Jul 10

does linux run games well? i have heard loads about it like hacks for wii, ps3 and xbox, but I've never actually used it.

  JBRKilluh 20:00 25 Jul 10

bump* can linux run games?

  LastChip 20:11 25 Jul 10

Frankly, it's not the ideal answer.

You need to run games via an application called WINE.

The point is, your games are written for Windows; not Linux.

That said, those that do run games in Linux, swear blind they run faster. As I'm not into games at all, so it would be wrong of me to comment as to whether that is true.

click here for a list of applications that will run in WINE.

  JBRKilluh 20:48 25 Jul 10

ok... so can someone suggest a gaming PC for £400 or less?

  Sea Urchin 21:02 25 Jul 10

I think you'll have great difficulty finding anything for that sort of budget, bearing in mind that a high-end gaming graphics card can set you back £400 on its own.

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