No monitor driver so pc won't work aghh :(

  sassy1976 12:05 03 Jan 09

Heya all. Need BIG help here pls pls pls! My nice ex sabotaged my pc and when I turn it on all i get is a black screen and it says 'out of range'. I presume it's the driver I need but how do I install it if I can't access the pc??!!!! Thanx in advance 4 any help given, mwah, Sassy x x

  Pamy 12:07 03 Jan 09

What operating System is on it , ie, XP 98 linux etc .. Usually moitors are plug & play ,no drivers required

  sassy1976 12:16 03 Jan 09

Thanx 4 the reply. It's windows xp. All I'm getting is 'out of scan range 44.9 khz/85hz'

  Pamy 12:37 03 Jan 09

Do you have the original XP install disk?
If so you could boot up from that hopefully and do a repair. I do not think it is a driver problem .

  sassy1976 12:43 03 Jan 09

Not sure as the ex is a microsoft partner and he use to sort my pc for me!

  Sea Urchin 12:44 03 Jan 09

Sounds like the resolution is set wrongly for the video card.

Can you boot into safe mode (tap F8 while booting). That will load standard drivers for the monitor and it should clear up. If it clears up, then uninstall all occurrences of the monitor in Device Manager and reboot. That should force Windows to redetect the monitor and reset any sizes and refresh rates you have applied.

To get to Device Manager (still in Safe Mode) Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager

  sassy1976 12:55 03 Jan 09

Cheers, I tried that but it just keeps beeping when i hit the key :(

  sassy1976 13:12 03 Jan 09

I've found a dvd that has windows xp on it but its in a sleeve with no activation key! A scorned man is so much worse than a scorned woman aghhh!!! lol

  Pamy 13:21 03 Jan 09

Try putting this DVD in your drive, close down then reboot and look for a message saying "Press any key to boot from disk" or something like that and tell us whayt happens if anything.

  sassy1976 13:26 03 Jan 09

Thanx Pamy, i tried but nothing happened :(

  Helen. 13:30 03 Jan 09

showing POST.

That is the black and white pages that show when the computer starts. This is before the srolling bar that shows windows is loading.

If it is not showing that, it is nothing to do with the monitor or graphics drivers.

If it does show POST ( Power On Self Test ) on the screen and then goes blank, it could be a graphics problem

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