No MOBO beeps- yet it works!!

  duplo 17:52 28 Jan 04

My friend has just intalled a MOBO in his computer.

A DFI LanParty Nforce2 Ultra B. With a Athlon 2800, 1 * 512 MB ram, GF Ti 4200 64MB Graphics.

It works, it boots OK into windows- but there is no beep on posting and he is worried. Anyone else ever heard of this and what it could be!?


  duplo 17:54 28 Jan 04

It does beep like mad when the RAM is taken out... so the speaker works!

many modern boards have an onboard bleeper but perhaps his hasnt and he has forgotten to attach the speaker wires to the header pins.

in that case there's probably nothing to wory about. visit the motherboard or BIOS maker's website to find out the exact bleep codes for the device in hand.

  duplo 18:14 28 Jan 04

He already has done, and it does not say anything for no beeps. His MOBO does have an onboard bleeper... it only bleeps when the RAM is out!

  roy 18:23 28 Jan 04

I recently rebuilt my wife's pc with a new motherboard, processor, ram, graphics and that also does not beep on boot-up. I have tried everything and it does beep if if only the processor and memory are on the board. It has one of those small cylindrical speaker units but I don't think that that can be relevant.

  duplo 18:40 28 Jan 04

My mate rang up the manufacturer - apparently it does not beep- since there are LED's on the MOBO. Must be a DFI thing!


  georgemac 19:01 28 Jan 04

I just installed an asus a7v333 - it's supposed to talk to you and tell you whats wrong if it's not happy at start up - have not heard it and hope I never will!!!

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