No link for system restore

  JellyBelly 20:30 22 Jan 05

When i use system restore in XP Home, the only way to accesss it is via the help and suport centre and using the wizard.
Any suggestions as to how i can place the link into Accessories/System Tools,or am i doing something wrong.

  Carpigiani 21:24 22 Jan 05

You can create your own shortcut.

Go to C:\Windows\System32\Restore right click 'rstrui' choose 'Send to\Desktop(Create Shortcut)' Rename the shortcut 'System Restore' You can then move this shortcut to Accessories\System Tools

  Carpigiani 21:37 22 Jan 05

To move the new shortcut into 'System Tools'

Right click the Start button, select 'Explore all users'.
In the left hand pane click 'Start Menu'.
In the right hand pane double click 'Programs\Accessories\System Tools

If the window is maximized double click the bar at the top of the window to reduce it's size, then simply drag & drop your new shortcut from the desktop into system tools.

  JellyBelly 10:54 27 Jan 05


I would just like to say thank-you for the advise which worked great.

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