No Internet Explorer - why?

  oxfo 08:24 28 Jun 05

I can connect to the web through my AOL/Broadband connection but if I save any web pages, although I can read them in Word , any links on the page dont work and I get the message "Internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close" if I open the Error Report it starts off with "error signature" then has info on application name & version number , the rest is all Greek to me.I can no longer open help files in other progs that seem to require Internet Explorer but can access these files in Word but cant get any hyperlinks in them to work - just get same message as above.I have run Microsofts (Giant) anti spyware, Ad-aware, Spybot S & D,Mcafee AV/uninstalled / reinstalled Internet Ex, ran the repair progs, downloaded Internet Explorer service packs, all to no avail.But I can access these files in Safe Mode but not get Internet Ex to do anything at all though.Iam using win xp pro/3.2 G pentium4/1g memory. Ideas anyone???

  Indigo 1 11:19 28 Jun 05

Just to clarify. Are you saying that you can access the internet using AOL's browser but not I.E.6 ? I am not quite sure what you are trying to do. If you log on with AOL's browser first, you should thsen only need to minimise it and open IE6 and use that while AOL is connected but minimised.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:46 28 Jun 05

IE6 Error messages
click here

Repair Internet Explorer explanation
click here

  bruno 17:48 28 Jun 05

My mate had the same problem on his Dell computer using XP Home.We had umpteen posts on here and with microsoft(he could not access Update and other Microsoft sites,either).He contacted AOL also.Nobody came up with a solution and we finally cured it with a complete reinstallation of everything from scatch.I still think it is something from AOL that alters settings,but can't prove it.

  oxfo 13:21 29 Jun 05

Found out that if I log in as another user (my son) then the Internet Explorer icon on his desktop worked fine and I could access all the files etc that I cannot on mine.So I have created a third user and i'm setting that one up to use then presumably delete the dodgy one,anyone got an explanation?

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